National Conference for Sustainable Development 2019

As the important transitional year towards the decade of 2020-2030, the year of 2019 carries the expectation that Vietnam will accelerate their efforts together with other countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030 Agenda, based on the advantage of positive and impressive economic growth from the previous years and the benefits from free trade agreements that have been and should become valid soon afterwards. In the 2019 National Conference on Sustainable Development (2019 NSCD), the Breakout sessions will focus on the following key topics:

Multiplying the circular economy models in Vietnam, which target to a more effective and optimal uses of natural resources, materials, products and value they created, so that could reduce the cost of loss and waste for the economy;

Promoting the Public-Private Partnership to enhance productivity and effectual utilization of available resources, to maximize the value of investment, and to reduce risks and motivate innovation in designing, executing, operating and managing projects;

Building human capital in the new era and the role of the Human Capital Index, the sustain leadership and coordination across all levels of government, including tackling gaps and conflict in social infrastructure for efficacious speculation in human capital in long-term.

Shared knowledge and information from central and local authorities and representatives of international institutions; initiatives from businesses and open dialogues will open up solutions to current issues as well as useful policy recommendations for the Government.




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