BAT Vietnam continues to accompany the unfortunate and disadvantaged women with Women empowerment program

In March 2022, BAT Vietnam and the Women's Union of Duc Hue District, Long An disbursed a sponsoring loan for the project "Empowering women" with a capital of 400 million VND provided by BAT Vietnam. The program is implemented in two villages, My Quy Dong and My Thanh Tay, with a total of 40 households in the area participating in a loan with a capital of 10 million VND with the plan of breeding, farming, and economic development.

Through the program, disadvantaged women are provided the opportunity to get an unsecured loan of an appropriate amount to expand their small family business or invest in existing livestock and farming. Women who do not have stable jobs can borrow money and invest in a suitable business model that may help to improve their income and also their family financial status. In addition to the unsecured loans of interest-free capital, along with the cooperation with local management units, participants of the program are also supported with the knowledge to start and maintain a business. They are connected to each other to support each other in the production, promotion, and sale of products, creating circulation and consumption within the program.

Bên cạnh đó, Hội LHPN các xã cũng phối hợp với Công an xã, các đồn Biên phòng phổ biến pháp luật, tuyên truyền vận động phụ nữ thực hiện tốt các quy định bảo vệ biên giới; phòng, chống vượt biên trái phép và không buôn lậu thuốc lá cũng hàng hóa qua biên giới, phối hợp tập huấn cách quản lý, sử dụng vốn cho 100% hộ vay vốn.


Other News

The Solar Power project of Vietnam PMDJV factory pushed up the achievement of ESG at BAT Vietnam

The Solar Power project of Vietnam PMDJV factory – BAT Vietnam has been successfully completed and officially connected to the grid for production use from February 8th, 2022


To extend support for COVID-19 relief and response in Vietnam in the critical transition time to the new normal

Funding from The Coca-Cola Foundation provides continued support of WWF’s multiple years' effort to conserve freshwater resources and nature-based solutions in Vietnam

The Coca-Cola Foundation is supporting WWF-Viet Nam to help improve the capacity of wetlands, a nature-based solution to sustainable livelihood and biodiversity enhancement in the face of the unpredictable drought and flood patterns in Upper part of the Mekong Delta. Long-term and continued support from The Coca-Cola Foundation to WWF-Viet Nam to address water challenges to become more resilient to climate changes.

Nestlé Vietnam and La Vie support communities in sustainable water usage

Nestlé Vietnam and La Vie, two members of Nestlé Group, have implemented sustainability programmes to offer technical support to tens of thousands of farmers and partners to reduce water use and maintain productivity. At the same time, the programmes also bring clean and safe water to people with difficulty in accessing drinking and domestic water.

Nestlé at forefront of promoting full gender equality

Nestlé has taken some bold steps to advance women’s equality in both its internal company and the community.

Public Private Collaboration in Plastic Waste Management in Vietnam

After two years since the signing of the MOU on Public Private Collaboration towards Circular Economy in Plastic Waste Management in Vietnam, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Dow Chemical Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Dow Vietnam), SCG Group and Unilever Vietnam International Co., Ltd. held a workshop to evaluate the results of cooperation achieved in the past two years, welcomed 24 new members, and set out major focuses to be implemented in the coming years, in order to make practical contributions to the "National Action Plan on ocean plastic waste management to 2030" and the "Scheme on strengthening plastic waste management in Vietnam" of the Prime Minister.


Binh Dai is one of the three coastal districts of Ben Tre province, but not as favourable as Ba Tri and Thanh Phu districts. Due to the topographical structure, Binh Dai often suffers from saltwater intrusion into the communes, in the middle of the island such as Loc Thuan, Vang Quoi Dong. Therefore, the transportation and economic exchange of the district with the surrounding areas becomes difficult.

C.P. Vietnam Cooperation in the development of sustainable fishing industry“ at Vung Tau sea

C.P. Vietnam Corporation, an overseas operation of Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), joined hands with partners in Vietnam’s seafood supply chain to announce the success of The Vung Tau multispecies trawl fishery improvement project (FIP) in Vung Tau province, which has been accepted into the MarinTrust Improver Program as part of its multispecies pilot.

AES Vietnam presents Tet gifts to poor households and students in provinces of Quang Ninh and Binh Thuan Province

27 January 2022, On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, representatives from AES Vietnam visited and presented Tet gifts to a number of poor and near-poor households and students in the provinces of Quang Ninh and Binh Thuan. This is an annual program implemented by AES Vietnam, demonstrating the company’s sincere care towards the poor and respect for the country’s traditional customs. The gifts were presented with the attendance of representatives from local authorities, beneficiary households, and AES Vietnam.

The USAID BUILD-IT & Dow Vietnam STEM Program Support Student-led Innovation

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Today Friday, February 25th, 2022, the Final Showcase of the USAID BUILD-IT & Dow Vietnam STEM Program: Engineering Projects in Community Service was held. More than 150 participating STEM students from six engineering and technology universities concluded their five-month program following the Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) curriculum model. EPICS is an internationally recognized model of service learning where students not only learn by doing, but also learn by creating prototypes to address social challenges. Teams from Da Nang University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City won top awards for their innovations of rehabitation gloves, Assamica tea and diagnostic software for breast cancer.