March every year is youth month with the theme "Creative Youth," which is the month of youth for the whole country towards the Fatherland, raising awareness of patriotism among young people. In the days of this March, C.P. Vietnam(CPV) is honored to continue accompanying the program organized by the Vietnam Youth Union (LHTN) program "the March – border month", implemented in border areas with many community activities in 3 provices:  Nghe An, Tay Ninh, and Lao Cai on March 2-3, 2022.

Flag ceremony of Vietnam Youth Union

With nearly 30 years of operation in Vietnam, C.P. Vietnam is the first and only foreign-invested enterprise to date to establish the Vietnam Youth Union under the Central Committee of the Vietnam National Socialist Union, which has regular connections with the Vietnam Youth Union in its activities towards the source, to repay the fatherland and build revolutionary thoughts for employees of the company in the provinces where CPV operates production and business.

In Nghe An, "the March – border month" is a youth journey to Nam Can border marker, a poor mountainous commune in Ky Son district, Nghe An, nearly 300 km from Vinh city, where ethnic minority people and poor households make up more than half of the population. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khang- Chairman of the CPV Youth Union, with CPV volunteers presented the company-funded youth project to light the border and 200 gifts to the people. The inauguration ceremony of the project "Lighting the border" with solar power lights took place solemnly and meaningfully under the witness of the leaders of the Central People's Committee, Vietnam Fatherland Front, Central Propaganda Department, Ethnic Committee, Border Guard Command,  Representatives of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Union, the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Vietnam National Socialist Union, representatives of the Solidarity Committee gathered the youth, the International Committee, the Youth Committee of the Central Union, the central association, the province, the people, the border guards...

Inauguration of the project "Lighting the border", funded by C.P. Vietnam in Nghe An

CPV also did other operations, such as awarding scholarships to disadvantaged ethnic minority students, giving gifts to village elders, village chiefs, former youth pioneers. Organizing the signing ceremony of the joint program between the two border union districts (Ky Son District, Nghe An Province and NongHét District, Thuc Quan Province) on the implementation of the youth project "Beautiful school for me", young people volunteered to plant "Vietnamese-Lao youth friendship trees" (planting 100 ban flowers and 100 dai flowers). Organize free medical examinations, consultations, and distribution for people and children. Building of the Happy House for ethnically disadvantaged ethnic minority students. Install and donate the national flagpole to families protecting the border.

In Tay Ninh province, the program was held at the memorial area of young pioneer martyrs in the area of Phuoc Long hamlet, Long Phuoc commune, Ben Cau district, Tay Ninh province. This is known as the Dong Loc junction on the southwest border. Mr. Le Hoang Chuong, Director of Communications - Vice Chairman of the CPV Youth Union, participated and presented 200 gifts to representatives of the Vietnam Youth Union of Tay Ninh province. And CPV organized other meaningful activities, such as: awarding scholarships to students of Ben Cau district; giving gifts to the border guards of Tay Ninh province and the Cambodian border guards of Svay Rieng province, awarded scholarships to students in Svay Rieng Province. Donating the National Flag, inaugurating the Youth Project to celebrate Youth Month and the Congress of Delegations at all levels of the youth of the provincial Border Guard, "Lighting the Border Patrol Road with Solar Lights" in Chau Thanh district, with a length of about 10 km, the section from the Epidemic Checkpoint No. 1 to No. 5 in the border commune.

Mr. Le Hoang Chuong - Vice Chairman of CPV Youth Union presented the gift to the representative of The Vietnam National Socialist Association of Tay Ninh Province

In Lao Cai province, CPV volunteers, led by Mr. Hu Ky Bac, director of animal feed business in the North, participated in activities such as giving 200 gifts to the people, participating in an art exchange program associated with youth month, and celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Lao Cai Provincial Party Committee, the journey of young people to the border milestone at Tung Pô, A Mú Sung commune. Give gifts to policy families, families of former youth pioneers, scholarships for ethnic and religious students in difficult circumstances, and give gifts to the Association of Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin in Lao Cai province. People and young people are typical in the protection of borders and milestones. Building of 01 Happy House for ethnically orphaned students in difficult circumstances, and 04 House of kindness, implementing the program of free medical examination, consultation for people and children and also giving gifts and national flags to 50 families who protecting the border.

The happy of babies with gift

The meaningful activities at the beginning of March- the month of youth, have contributed to bringing joy and happiness to the people at all provinces and are a deep spiritual encouragement to the border guards, who are day and night guarding the fatherland. C.P. Vietnam company in general and C.P. Vietnam youth in particular, are honored and proud to participate in meaningful activities and continue to join hands with the youth of the country to build the country with the spirit: " Wherever needed and difficult, young people are present" according to the CP Group and CPV business’ philosophy that “For the country, for the people, then for the company."


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