A look back at SABECO in 2022: Accelerating towards a sustainable future

Besides impressive business outcomes, SABECO made significant progresses in 2022 towards its goal of creating positive values through the 4C sustainable development strategy.

Catch up with global trends to gain solid momentum

Over the past two decades, ESG (standing for Environment, Social, and Governance), a set of standards to measure factors related to sustainable development and the impact of businesses on the community, has become a strategic and essential practice for enterprises.

In 2019 Saigon Alcohol, Beer and Beverage Corporation (SABECO) announced the 4Cs sustainable development model, focusing on four key pillars: Country, Culture, Consumption, and Conservation. By approaching and adapting the ESG model in a more comprehensive and inclusive way, SABECO is moving towards bringing out the best of the community and the nation.

Saigon - Cu Chi Brewery. SABECO is committed to sustainability strategy to bring out the best of Vietnam through the 4Cs commitment: Country, Culture, Consumption and Conservation.

2022 – A breakthrough year

In 2022 alone, SABECO created several significant milestones on its journey to sustainable development associated with social responsibility as a corporate citizen. A series of activities and initiatives were implemented during the year, pushing on a tripartite partnership of the Government, private sector, and socio-political organizations. This model is considered an exemplary model that allows optimization of the advantages of all parties, while addressing the limitation of resources, bringing practical and impressive results for community programs.

Since signing the 3-year partnership agreement with the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU), SABECO has been rolling out many activities of national development, cultural preservation, civil lifestyle and sustainable development. Under the project of “Light Up the Rural”, for instance, HCYU and SABECO built 34km of solar-powered streets in 34 cities and provinces. The project was aimed at helping improve local infrastructure, promoting a safe and sustainable environment for the locals, as well as the socio-economic development of the areas.

Another project,  "Fostering Sports", was also launched to help construct 30 community sport courts nationwide within 3 years to promote a healthy and sporty lifestyle.

A road in Dong Thap province has been installed with solar-powered streetlights through the project “Light Up The Rural” by SABECO in collaboration with HCYU

Consistent with the goals of supporting the community where the company operates, SABECO also collaborated with the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and HCYU to organize “Together We Make Tet” community program to honor and give 8,000 Tet gifts to workers across the country.

The "Together We Make Tet" program honored 8,000 workers across the country who made many contributions to the economic development of the country in 2022.

Last year, SABECO also signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MoCST) to implement a series of national and international key activities such as the Vietnam - Korea Cultural and Culinary Festival in Seoul 2022, a series of events to celebrate local culture - the Ok Om Bok Festival. These activities were meant to promote cultural beauty, and jointly help boost and recover domestic tourism after the pandemic.

At the same time, to support the development of young talents and national sports, especially in 2022 with the return of several major sports events, SABECO through its leading brand Bia Saigon, sponsored and supported many key programs such as SEA Games 31; enhancing the development of sport talents through the "Vietnam Wins Gold" initiative partnered with MoCST, helping enhance Vietnam's achievements in international competitions. SABECO also joined hands with HCYU to equip knowledge and improve the business capability for young entrepreneurs in rural areas through the "Power of Innovation" coaching session and the seminar of "Rural youth and aspiration to get rich from agriculture". SABECO also accompanied HCYU in honoring young talents in business and profession through  Luong Dinh Cua Awards, and National Outstanding Workers Awards.

SABECO contributed 5 billion VND to support Vietnam’s national athletes through the "Vietnam Wins Gold" program.

In terms of the ‘Environment’ factor in the ESG model, although 2022 was considered a challenging year for businesses due to Covid-19 caused socio-economic changes, SABECO maintained the business growth together with efforts to reduce the impact of manufacturing activities on the environment, as part of its sustainability commitments to “Conservation”. So far SABECO has introduced solar energy at 8 out of 26 breweries, helping to improve the fuel efficiency by 14%. 100% of wastewater from production activities is treated before being discharged into the environment. The company also reuses water resources by using the CIP system to optimize water consumption.

Young people shared start-up ideas at the "Power of innovation" coaching session as part of 17th Luong Dinh Cua Award program organized by HCYU with the support of SABECO

A successful result of steadfast efforts

Thanks to its relentless efforts, SABECO won many prestigious domestic and international awards in 2022, namely the Vietnam Glory Awards organized by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Corporate Excellence Award by APEA,  Inspirational Brand Awards for Bia Saigon by APEA, Top 1 Prestigious Beverage Company of Vietnam Report, and Top 25 Leading F&B Companies by Forbes.

According to a representative of SABECO, the 2022 achievements encouraged SABECO to continue with its commitment to sustainable development through practical activities revolving around the 4C pillars, creating positive values for the prosperity of Vietnam and its people in 2023.

Thanks to the persistent pursuit of sustainable development associated with business activities, over the last 4 years, SABECO has achieved impressive business results and affirmed its leading position in the market. Despite difficulties and unfavorable market forecasts, SABECO still achieved revenue of 35,235 billion VND in 2022, an increase of 33% from 2021, and profit after tax approximately 5,500 billion VND.






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