SCG launches its first SCG Low Carbon Super Cement in Vietnam to accelerate Vietnam’s transition to a low-carbon economy

Ho Chi Minh city, June 17th 2024 - Following the Vietnamese target of Net Zero by 2050, SCG, ASEAN's leading conglomerate, announced the launch of the SCG Low Carbon Super Cement in Vietnam. The new product is a low-carbon cement produced by green technologies and sustainable practices that significantly minimizes carbon emissions during the production and use processes to meet sustainable building standards. Under the tagline “Building a Sustainable Life”, the innovation reflects SCG’s vision to deliver green building solutions for Vietnamese people, thereby expediting Vietnam’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

Mr. Tanakorn Theeramankong - Deputy Country Director - Vietnam, SCG, shared: “For the first time, SCG has introduced a new low-carbon cement to the Vietnamese market, marking a significant step forward in our journey to achieve net-zero emissions. By pursuing advanced technologies to develop low carbon cement, we not only reduce our environmental impact but also set a new standard for Vietnam’s construction industry. The eco-friendly cement product aligns with SCG’s Inclusive Green Growth strategy to shape a sustainable future for Vietnam and improve the quality of life of communities where it operates.”

Tanakorn Theeramankong - Deputy Country Director - Vietnam, SCG stated that this product is consistent with SCG's Inclusive Green Growth strategy, with the goal of creating a sustainable future for Vietnam and improving the quality of community life.

SCG Low Carbon Super Cement is a top-quality and multi-purpose cement for diverse applications, from foundation to structure and plastering. SCG Cement-Building Materials (CBM) has adopted green technologies and sustainable practices to provide customers with a high-quality cement that is environmentally friendly, highly durable, and extremely homogenized.

SCG launches its first SCG Low Carbon Super Cement in Vietnam produced by green technologies that significantly minimizes carbon emissions during the production, meeting the sustainable standards.

First of all, SCG Low Carbon Super Cement has undergone a green manufacturing process that practically reduces carbon emissions by up to 20% compared to ordinary cement. To achieve this, SCG has improved its manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. One initiative is utilizing alternative fuels to replace fossil fuels and increasing the proportion of renewable energy sources by installing waste heat recovery systems across factories to reduce carbon emissions stemming from the production of cement.

Thanks to these sustainable initiatives, the results from SCG’s laboratory show that every ton of SCG Low Carbon Super Cement is estimated to slash carbon emissions equivalent to the absorption of 12 mature trees within 1 year. With its low-carbon cement formula, SCG Low Carbon Super Cement offers a viable, environmentally friendly alternative to standard cement for making concrete. 

SCG Low Carbon Super Cement products help reduce carbon emissions by 20% compared to ordinary cement thanks to green production technologies

Besides eco-friendly features, SCG also focuses on improving the quality to create a strong and durable cement. The product continues to apply SCG Nano Tech, which develops particles of cement in the nanoscale range to create extremely tight bonding, which in turn reduces the quantity of pores during concrete making. This improvement is critical for construction projects since the pores formed during the mixing of concrete are the primary source of leaks and cracks, especially when exposed to harsh weather conditions. As a result, the projects are more durable and resilient to the impact of climate change.

By employing SCG’s exclusive Nano technology, SCG Low Carbon Super Cement boasts outstanding the compressive strength of concrete (MPa), which is 7% higher than other premium Portland Cement Blended (PCB40) and up to 45% higher than that of Vietnam’s cement standard, Technical Standards (TCVN) 6260:2020, for three days. With such exceptional strength and durability, the new cement is suitable to make sustainable, long-lasting buildings.

Another notable advantage is its homogenized smooth, beautiful surface, as the microscopic cement particles penetrate into the aggregate to minimize defects, cracks, and protrusions during the construction process. Meanwhile, super-flexible, super-adhesive mortar can save a lot of time and effort for wall construction, thereby bringing economic benefits to construction. A survey of over 100 reputable contractors and workers reveals that 80% of respondents highly appreciate this new product among the different cement lines on the market.

SCG Low Carbon Super Cement, which guarantees both high quality and environmental friendliness, is expected to suit the demands of homeowners, investors, contractors, and architects. The newly launched cement brand will be initially distributed in the southern localities of Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Binh Thuan and other provinces.

Thanks to the considerable energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with cement production, the launch of SCG Low Carbon Super Cement is expected to pave the way for more local low-carbon cement production in the future. This is an indication of SCG's commitment to implementing its Inclusive Green Growth strategy, which aims to expand its business through low-carbon innovations beginning this year. The new strategy is also in line with SCG’s ESG 4 Plus strategy, with a focus on collaborating with all stakeholders from the public and private sectors to accelerate the path to a low-carbon economy.


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