Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced it will be showcasing new innovative projects developed from its C-Lab program at CES® 2024, which runs from 9 January through 12 January 2024. During the showcase, Samsung will highlight 15 startups and projects — the highest number the company has ever featured — at Eureka Park at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, the main exhibition space for startups at the world’s biggest tech show.

This year’s CES is expected to feature more than 1,000 startups and attract more than 130,000 visitors from around the world, including business executives, investors and media. At the event, Samsung expects startups from C-Lab to assess global market responses, strengthen their business feasibility and meet with investors.

“The goal of the C-Lab program is to elevate a platform for startups to grow and flourish,” said Pilgyu Jeon, Executive Vice President and Head of the Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics. “CES is the perfect venue for these exciting companies and projects to show major tech players that they belong on the global stage.”

The C-Lab program was created in 2012 and since it was established, Samsung has nurtured a total of 872 startups and projects. This includes 475 through C-Lab Outside and 397 through C-Lab Inside. In particular, the 537 C-Lab startups (62 from C-Lab Spin-off and 475 from C-Lab Outside) have raised a cumulative total of $1 billion in investment.

C-Lab Outside: Ten Startups That Include AI, Energy and Healthcare Products

C-Lab Outside was created in October 2018, and startups selected for the program receive full support — including office workspaces, customized development programs and investment — along with business cooperation from Samsung Electronics. Dr.Tail, an online veterinary consultation service, has collaborated with Samsung Electronics to bring its services to Samsung Smart TVs[1] and will be exhibited at the C-Lab booths at CES.

In addition to Dr.Tail, Samsung Electronics will exhibit nine other startups selected and supported by the C-Lab Outside program:

  • RebuilderAI: AI solutions for fast and easy 3D content creation on smartphones
  • Ghost Pass: decentralized remote biometric authentication solutions
  • DEEPX: an NPU-based[2] AI semiconductor
  • Style Bot: a fashion recommendation service based on user-owned clothing data
  • Vsion: a smart window with adjustable transparency
  • DolbomDream: a smart, inflatable jacket designed to monitor the health of senior citizens
  • 60Hertz: an AI-powered virtual power plant (VPP) solution
  • Wrtn Technologies: a generative AI portal service
  • NdotLight: a web-based collaborative 3D design platform

“We are excited to be part of C-Lab’s high-profile startup booth at Eureka Park,” said Sunkwan Lee, CEO of Ghost Pass. “Thanks to the support of Samsung C-Lab, we won the CES Innovation Award this year, which I think makes this year’s CES a good opportunity for us to take a step toward going global.”

Two C-Lab Inside Projects From Samsung Employees and Three C-Lab Spin-off Startups That Started at Samsung

Samsung has been exhibiting its C-Lab Inside projects at CES since 2016, and this year’s CES exhibit will feature two projects that are currently being fostered in-house. These projects are from the healthcare and pet-tech sectors and have been highly regarded for their innovation, marketability, and completeness:

  • ID.EARS: a healthcare platform that analyzes brain waves captured by earbuds
  • DumboCam: a pet training platform that utilizes Vision AI

In 2016, Samsung Electronics introduced its C-Lab spin-off program, which allows C-Lab Inside projects with high market potential to be launched as fully-fledged startups. At CES 2024, three C-Lab spin-off startups — which initially started as C-Lab Inside projects — will showcase their innovative products in C-Lab booths:

  • Yellosis: smart toilets and AI healthcare solutions based on measurement of liquid body waste
  • Becon: AI-powered hair loss management solutions
  • Goose Labs: metaverse home workout app with real-time motion-sensing avatars

C-Lab Startups Win 23 CES 2024 Innovation Awards

In November 2023, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced the winners of the CES 2024 Innovation Awards, including the award for Best of Innovation. Projects from the C-Lab program received one Best of Innovation Award and 22 Innovation Award Honorees.

Samsung is sharing its knowledge of winning CES Innovation Awards and entering the global market with the C-Lab startups, which has allowed them to find success. At CES 2024, 16 C-Lab Outside startups were named as Innovation Award Honorees. As for C-Lab Spin-off startups, one project received a Best of Innovation Award and four were named Innovation Award Honorees.

Specifically, STUDIO LAB — a startup spun off in 2021 — won the CES Innovation Award. The company’s products include Seller Canvas, an AI-based commerce detail page automation service, and Photo-bot, an automated commerce photography robot that combines AI and robotics.

Yellosis and DEEPX — two of the startups being exhibited at the C-Lab booths — each received Innovation Awards in three categories. Yellosis is a digital health startup spun off in 2020 that developed Cym702 Seat, a smart toilet that automatically measures liquid body waste and provides health management solutions. The company also developed Cym702 Circle, a smart toilet that simply measures glucose in liquid body waste in public restrooms. Yellosis won CES Innovation Awards in three categories, including Digital Health,Smart Cities and Product in support of human security.

DEEPX was founded in 2018 and develops edge AI chips for computational processing of AI algorithms such as deep learning-based object recognition, face/voice recognition, image classification and image quality improvement. DEEPX is the first AI semiconductor company to win CES Innovation Awards in three categories, including Embedded technology, Robotics and Computer hardware & components.


[1] Services will be available on Samsung Smart TVs released in the U.S. starting in 2024.

[2] A neural processing unit (NPU) is a microprocessor specialized for AI workloads and simultaneous operations.


Other News


Visiting food processing factories has been an annual coordination activity of CPV Corporation for many years with schools to create conditions for students to have field trips to the company's factories. Students will have direct access to the production line of food products that ensure quality and food safety at the factory, becoming more aware of a sustainable food business.

C.P. Vietnam Corporation (CPV)—Branches: CPV Food Factory (Binh Phuoc) and Hanoi Meat Processing Factory—were voted the "Energy Efficient Enterprise 2023" award

The award "Energy Efficiency in 2023" is held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Association of Science and Technology for Efficient Energy as a communication activity within the framework of the "National Program on Economical and Efficient Use of Energy of 2019–2030." And to recognize and honor typical businesses and individuals in the implementation of solutions for economical and efficient use of energy, thereby creating social effects and contributing positively to socio-economic development goals.


As a member of the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD), C.P. Vietnam Corporation (CPV) has always actively participated in VBCSD's activities, typically the CSI program annually. The CSI program is an activity to evaluate enterprises that perform well in responsible production and business activities in all three aspects: socio-economic and environmental. Each year, the CSI index will undergo a comprehensive structural reform in a clear direction so that businesses can easily access, apply to production and business activities, and build a solid foundation for the development of sustainable production and business activities.

C.P. Vietnam Corporation successfully organized the "Capacity building" in Northern region

With the theme "Corporate Social Responsibility," the conference "Developing Supplier Potential" in the northern region of C.P. Vietnam was successfully held on December 19, 2023, in Hanoi.

BAT Vietnam to issue ESG Report towards “A Better TomorrowTM”

British American Tobacco (BAT) Vietnam officially issued its ESG Report 2022, outlining strategic purpose, approaches, initiatives, and roadmap in line with the Vietnamese market, continuing to reaffirm its leadership in the tobacco industry on Environment, Society, and Governance (ESG) reporting. BAT Vietnam also recognized Top 11 in “Top 100 Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam” at CSI Programme 2023, and called out among Top 5 Pioneering Businesses in Circular Economy.

BAT Vietnam to win double titles at CSI Programme 2023

British American Tobacco (BAT) Vietnam was recognized Top 11 in “Top 100 Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam” at CSI Programme 2023, and called out among Top 5 Pioneering Businesses in Circular Economy.


On November 18, 2023, the Standing Committee of Long An Provincial Youth Union coordinated with Dow Chemical Vietnam LLC (Dow Vietnam), Maersk Vietnam and Lys Energy Vietnam Company Limited to implement the program "Forest’s Livelihood" in Lam Vien Thanh Nien area, Long An Province.

Life And Building Safety Initiative improves safety for 1 million workers

December 8, 2023: IDH’s worker safety program for the apparel sector, Life and Building Safety (LABS) Initiative, has achieved a significant milestone by improving the safety of 1 million workers in India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. This Initiative was introduced four years ago and has played a crucial role in enhancing workplace safety and promoting responsible industry practices in key apparel-producing countries.

Deloitte report: Improved financing could save US$50 trillion as the world decarbonises

• Improved financing structures and implementation could help drive down the cost of the transition to net-zero in developing economies by nearly 40% • Governments, investors, and financial institutions should work together to develop mechanisms and instruments that can reduce risks and unlock private finance at attractive costs • Policy and regulatory initiatives are needed to help strengthen existing international investment structures


On November 17th 2023, the final round of the INSEE Prize 2023 concluded successfully in Ho Chi Minh City, featuring the Board of Jury, the top 05 projects selected after two rounds of rigorous evaluation, and esteemed guests. This year's contestants showcased numerous impressive sustainable construction ideas, emphasizing meaningful community projects.