As one of the companies operating in the cement industry, INSEE understands the responsibility of businesses in balancing the interests of the company and the sustainability of the community. Specifically, protecting environment is always a top priority for INSEE, integrated into all development strategies and most recently is the organization of community activities to respond to World Environment Day.

The goal of environmental protection has been integrated by INSEE throughout the Company's business chain. Practical results towards this goal will become easier when stakeholders and partners in INSEE's value chain join hands to implement. Therefore, recently, the Company coordinated with localities and partners to organize programs towards World Environment Day. In early June 2024, INSEE Vietnam accompanied with the Kien Giang Province Environmental Day in Kien Giang province which is organized by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the People's Committee of Rach Gia city; The Provincial Youth Union and the International Organization for Conservation of Nature in Vietnam (WWF-Vietnam). Through this program, INSEE sponsored many table plant pots, probiotics and Lepironia grass bags to spread good messages to local people about green lifestyle, raising people's awareness and responsibility for environmental protection.

INSEE accompanied the Kien Giang Province Environmental Day

INSEE Hon Chong plant in Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province organized the program "Waste Exchange" for local people

In addition, INSEE Hon Chong Cement Plant coordinated with Department of Natural Resources, Environment in Kien Luong District and Duong Hoa Commune People's Committee to organize the program "Waste Exchange". The program attracted 500 gift exchanges from local people. The gifts were mainly necessities sponsored by INSEE with each exchange corresponding to the number of points set by the organizers. At the end of the program, INSEE collected 401 kg of common household waste including plastic bottles, milk cartons, plastic bags, waste paper, cardboard and 105 kg of electronic waste such as batteries, light bulbs, remotes, and electronic boards.

INSEE is not only is a leader in greening the entire product portfolio, but also a pioneer in treating hazardous and non-hazardous waste for industries in Vietnam. We co-process waste from industries, and from there, generate thermal energy to serve the company's production needs instead of using coal. During more than 15 years of operation as a waste co-processing service, INSEE Ecocycle has co-processed more than 1.7 million tons of waste (instead of burying it - affecting the land and water environment) at the INSEE Hon Chong plant, thereby, indirectly reduces CO2 emissions by more than 1.5 million tons. In the spirit of responding to World Environment Day, INSEE Ecocycle has accompanied customers to organize waste collection activities and training programs to respond to chemical spills. Specifically, through waste collection activities at the factory, volunteers collected 183 kg of waste and trained more than 200 employees through a training program to respond to chemical spills. contributing to preserving a green - clean - beautiful environment, protecting human health from negative impacts from spills during work.

INSEE Ecocycle and volunteers collected 183kg of waste through waste collection activities at customer factories

With all the efforts that have been, are being and will be made towards the goal of environmental protection, INSEE hopes to raise people's awareness of classifying waste at source and the awareness of protecting the living environment because every small action will contribute to bringing great value to the community.


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