HCMC, 22nd January 2024 - Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Limited (Coca-Cola Vietnam) collaborated with the People's Committee of Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, to successfully organize the "Happy Tet with Coca-Cola" program, distributing 550 Tet gifts at the EkoCenter Ho Chi Minh Community Support Center. This enduring initiative has been dedicated to bringing joy to underprivileged, elderly, and vulnerable communities across the country every Tet holiday for the past 18 years.  

Attendees at the event included Mr. Nguyen Ky Phung - Vice Chairman of Thu Duc City People's Committee, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tri - Chairman of Linh Trung Ward People's Committee, Mr. Raymond Ho – Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Business Association in Vietnam. In addition, Ms Karen So, the Managing Director of Swire Coca-Cola and Mr. Peeyush Sharma, CEO of Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam, were also present.

Under the theme "Diệu Kỳ Trao Tay, Điều May Nhân Khắp", the 2024 program spans 16 provinces and cities, including Hanoi, Cao Bang, Yen Bai, Ha Nam, Quang Ninh, Nghe An, Quang Tri, Ha Tinh, Hue, Dong Thap, Dak Nong, Ben Tre, Ho Chi Minh City, Long An and An Giang.  A total of 2,450 gifts were bestowed upon individuals and households across Vietnam. The collective value of these gifts exceeded 1.4 billion VND, underscoring the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Ms Karen So – General Director of Swire Coca-Cola  stated at the event that the company firmly believed shaping a better future involves making the right choices today. Aligned with the theme 'Our Choice, Our Future,' she mentioned Swire Coca-Cola pledged to create positive impacts and make a difference in the communities they called home, focusing on three strategic pillars: Product, Planet, and People. She also emphasized: “Understanding that Tet holds profound importance to the Vietnamese people, and extending help during the New Year aligns with a fine tradition that we not only understand but actively practice, it is with immense pleasure that I witness a significant milestone in our 18-year journey of bringing Tet to people in need. The Happy Tet With Coca-Cola program, hosted at EkoCenter Ho Chi Minh, exemplifies our ongoing commitment to fostering community bonds and creating a positive impact during the reunion season.”

Ms Karen So, Managing Director of Swire Coca-Cola, delivered a speech at the event

Mr. Hoang Tung, Chairman of Thu Duc City People's Committee, said: “In recent years, Coca-Cola Vietnam has partnered with Linh Trung Ward to coordinate various initiatives aimed at supporting community welfare and sustainable development. These efforts include aiding the impoverished, facilitating access to clean water, donating designated trash bins to schools, and implementing initiatives for the collection and recycling of used bottles and cans. Notably, the company has demonstrated a commitment to caring for individuals facing adversity, particularly during special occasions such as Tet and the spring season, ensuring a warm and joyful Tet celebration for all and leaving no one behind. Through these initiatives, Coca-Cola Vietnam has actively collaborated with Linh Trung Ward in successfully executing the City's five guiding principles within the framework of the spirit of "3 no's - 02 yes's." This encompasses the attentive care of local residents during the Lunar New Year of Giap Thin in 2024, with a dedication to bringing the Tet spirit to every household and ensuring that Tet gifts are not overlooked. The leadership of the Party Committee, People's Committee, and Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Linh Trung Ward express our sincere appreciation for the ongoing collaboration from Coca-Cola Vietnam and its steadfast partnership with the local government over the years in the shared mission of bringing Tet festivities to the underprivileged and disadvantaged members of the community.”

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tri, Chairman of Linh Trung Ward People’s Committee, gave a speech at the event

Peeyush Sharma, the CEO of Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam, highlighted the company's steadfast commitment to refreshing the world and making a positive impact. He shared that Coca-Cola has consistently pursued sustainable development goals during its 30-year journey in Vietnam, focusing on areas such as water replenishment, waste reduction, climate change mitigation, women's empowerment, and community support. The CEO proudly mentioned that their dedication to sustainability was recognized with the honor of being named one of the top three Most Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam at the CSI 100 Awards 2023. Mr. Sharma highlighted: “Over the three decades in Vietnam, we have held traditional national values in high regard, particularly embracing the spirit of solidarity during challenging times and special occasions like Tet holidays. Our commitment to these values is exemplified by the "Happy Tet with Coca-Cola" program, a distinctive community initiative that goes beyond financial support. It serves as a wellspring of encouragement and motivation, instilling confidence in underprivileged families and empowering them to rise above their circumstances.”

Mr. Peeyush Sharma, CEO of Coca-Cola Vietnam, gave a remark at the event

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Secretary of the Party Committee of Linh Trung Ward, and Mr. Peeyush Sharma, CEO of Coca-Cola Vietnam, presented Tet gifts to underprevileged people

The local residents share the joy of bringing Tet to their homes with Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Vietnam collaborated with its  partner, Golden Gate Trading Service Joint Stock Company, to bring 'Pho 0 VND' (Free Pho) to the participants of the “Happy Tet with Coca-Cola” program in Hanoi.

Other News


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British American Tobacco (BAT) Vietnam was recognized Top 11 in “Top 100 Sustainable Businesses in Vietnam” at CSI Programme 2023, and called out among Top 5 Pioneering Businesses in Circular Economy.


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