Mondelez Kinh Do leads the way in promoting sustainable packaging through proactive EPR implementation and recycling enhancement

Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam has indeed taken a significant step towards promoting sustainability by signing a strategic cooperation agreement with Dong Tien Paper Co., Ltd. and Vinh Xuan Paper Co., Ltd. on March 13, 2024. This initiative aims to bolster packaging collection and recycling capacities in Vietnam, underscoring Mondelez Kinh Do's commitment to proactively implementing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations and furthering its sustainable development strategy.

The company, renowned for its leading confectionery brands such as Cosy, Kinh Do, Solite, Slide, AFC, OREO, RITZ, LU, Toblerone, and Cadbury, is committed to leading the future of snacking by offering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way. Sustainable Packaging stands as a key pillar within the company's broader Sustainable Development Strategy alongside Sustainable Ingredients, Environmental and Social Responsibility, Employee and Consumer Well-being.

In a collaborative effort to advance packaging collection and recycling goals, Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam, alongside Dong Tien Paper Co., Ltd. and Vinh Xuan Co., Ltd., will work together to enhance the capacity for collecting and recycling packaging materials. Through a three-year strategic partnership spanning from 2024 to 2026, Dong Tien Co., Ltd. will function as a paper recycling unit, procuring, and categorizing used paper packaging to produce semi-finished rolled paper. Vinh Xuan Co., Ltd. will then utilize this recycled material to manufacture various paper packaging products, catering to Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam's needs.

Anil Viswanathan, Managing Director of Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam, emphasized: "Reducing environmental footprints is a long-term commitment in Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam's business strategy and meets the growing needs of consumers. As one of the leading food companies in Vietnam, Mondelez Kinh Do fully commits and proactively implements measures to adhere to EPR regulations. We have set very clear goals for sustainable development by 2025, especially the sustainable packaging roadmap, and are committed to fostering meaningful changes. Through this collaborative endeavor, we lead the way and take pride in standing alongside our partners to tackle waste challenges and believe that our collective efforts will make a positive impact in promoting the circular economy in Vietnam.".

Despite Vietnam's current paper collection and recycling rate hovering around 50%, well below the global average of nearly 60%, there is optimism for improvement. Through concerted efforts and regulatory frameworks such as EPR, alongside strategic collaborations like this one, Mondelez Kinh Do, Dong Tien, and Vinh Xuan aim to elevate paper collection and recycling rates, aligning with governmental aspirations for zero emissions by 2050 and fostering sustainable development.

In line with Mondelēz International's global goal, Mondelez Kinh Do endeavors to achieve 100% of its packaging design for recycling by 2025. Through sustainable packaging initiatives, including Using recyclable packaging materials, prioritizing the use of easily recyclable materials; Optimizing packaging design by reducing unnecessary headspace or excess material; Reusing secondary packaging and tertiary cartons; Reducing plastic usage by minimizing the amount of plastic in our product packaging. The company has already achieved over 98.5% recyclable packaging, well ahead of schedule.

Dong Tien Paper Co., Ltd., with a rich history spanning three decades since its establishment in 1994, has been at the forefront of producing packaging paper from 100% recycled materials. Actively engaged in industry associations such as the Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association (VPPA), and Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam (PRO Vietnam), the company played a pivotal role in shaping the new Environmental Law effective from January 1, 2024. To ensure the effectiveness of packaging collection and recycling efforts, Dong Tien continues to invest in refining management systems, fostering a dedicated workforce, and enhancing product quality to meet customer expectations.

Mr. Hoang Trung Son, Managing Director of Dong Tien Paper Co., Ltd., commended Mondelez Kinh Do's proactive stance on EPR regulations and environmental stewardship, highlighting the potential of strategic partnerships to drive efficiencies in packaging collection and recycling, ultimately contributing to the establishment of a circular economy.

As a member of the PRO Vietnam Coalition since its establishment, Mondelez Kinh Do has demonstrated a strong commitment to implementing EPR in Vietnam, alongside a comprehensive approach to sustainability that encompasses sustainable packaging, ingredients, environmental, social, employees, and consumers initiatives.

Mr. Pham Phu Ngoc Trai, Chairman of PRO Vietnam Coalition, shared: “PRO Vietnam was founded in Ho Chi Minh City on June 21, 2019, with the vision of becoming a key contributor in making Vietnam Green, Clean, and Beautiful by promoting a circular economic model through more accessible and sustainable packaging collection and recycling process. This is an important pillar in the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Mondelez Kinh Do is one of our proactive members, presented by Mr. Anil Viswanathan, Managing Director, who was elected to be one of our BOD members, head of Flexible packaging committee, division of technical operation of PRO Vietnam to lead the agenda for collection & recycling and to make PRO Vietnam ready to fulfill EPR responsibility for its members from 2024. With the shared commitment of PRO Vietnam and effort from each of our members like Mondelez Kinh Do, we are strongly confident that we will achieve our ambition to collect for recycling all packaging materials that our members put into the market by 2030.”

In addition to efforts to build a circular economy for waste through waste collection and recycling, the company converts manufacturing electricity footprint to renewable energy, replacing thermal fuels with 'green alternatives', and implementing water and food waste reduction programs across the supply chain. At the same time, Mondelez Kinh Do is also a pioneering enterprise in Vietnam using sustainable ingredients of cage-free eggs in its selected products. The company is building the entire back-end supply chain with the participation of many major partners in the industry, as well as actively implementing campaigns to raise consumer awareness in choosing products that use sustainable ingredients. Mondelez Kinh Do is committed to supporting the social community and minimizing impact on the environment, building a positive working environment, focusing on physical and mental health care for employees, and promoting mindful eating habits for consumers.

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