URC Vietnam undertakes a community project to towards sustainable development

The project "Supporting and improving the quality of life of people in tea growing areas" implemented by C2 Green Tea brand under URC Vietnam Co., Ltd. not only conveys a strong message, but also brings real sustainable values to the community.


Development towards sustainable value of the community

According to VnEconomy, food and beverages (F&B) is one of the largest industries and has a close relationship with the lives of billions of people worldwide. This industry is also ranked 3rd in terms of total global sustainability score. Having gone through a period of upheaval as a result of the pandemic, as well as the consumer trend of promoting green and sustainable products, F&B businesses in Vietnam are also continuously transforming towards sustainability across the entire value chain.

URC Vietnam Co., Ltd., currently owns a series of confectionery and beverage products familiar to consumers, especially C2 Green Tea brand – a beverage line that has been attached to generations of Vietnamese consumers for decades. What makes the imprint and success of URC's brands in the hearts of every Vietnamese customer is not only the improved product quality, but also the responsibility and efforts for the sustainable development of the community.

URC Vietnam Co., Ltd. granted water purifiers and school bags to children in Bao Lam.

Implementing long-term strategic activities towards the comprehensive development of children, C2 Green Tea brand under URC Vietnam has implemented activities to award scholarships to students, accompany with local Children's Sponsorship Fund, donate warm coats to children in highland areas, donating rice and other necessities to disadvantaged households... for many years.


C2 together with the community to create sustainable living values

Relieving thirst and purifying the body thanks to cool sips of C2 tea, few consumers know that behind the lush green tea hills, people's lives are still full of difficulties, especially the lack of clean water to ensure health. Few people see the extraordinary aspirations, will and determination on the journey to carry their dreams in search of knowledge of children living in the remote highlands, where they have to cross passes and wade streams in search of words.

Bringing standard water sources and school bags to students in Lam Dong tea capital is one of the important projects of the Enterprise

Since 2022, the project "Supporting and improving the quality of life of people in tea-growing areas" by C2 Green Tea under URC Vietnam has had 6 points to donate water purifiers meeting drinking standards at the tap to people and hundreds of pairs going to school against hunches, waterproof for children in tea-growing regions. As a result, people are less concerned about a lack of safe drinking water, and children may safely attend school.

However, the Project does not end with urgent tasks; URC Vietnam also transmits love and responsibility to the community through a tale conveyed through song inspired by people's daily lives. Children are present to connect with and really touch the souls of the listeners. The MV "Nhoc Nhan Oi, Xin Voi" tells the narrative of youngsters in rural highlands who endure various trials and tribulations on lengthy travels to school.

The music video "Nhoc Nhan Oi, Xin Voi" captures the implementation of the community project by C2 Green Tea under URC Vietnam

The heartwarming narrative moved listeners not just because of the song's catchy tune and profound lyrics, but also because of the highland children's human affection and sunny grins. All of this has spread love, and many singers, artists, and influential people, such as journalist Vu Kim Hanh, author Newspaper Phan Dang, singer Duc Phuc, Bo Con Sau, or MC Huyen Chau... have responded to the MV, to this meaningful program, on social networking platforms.

According to statistics, the video "Nhoc Nhan Oi, Xin Voi" has received millions of views and shares in just one month. The overwhelming interest and response from the community confirms that URC Vietnam's C2 Green Tea's community-oriented communication project not only brings the best and highest quality products to consumers, but also carries sustainable values that spread more widely in the community.

Highly appreciating the CSR activities recorded in the MV "Nhoc Nhan Oi, Xin Voi", Journalist Vu Kim Hanh commented. “Businesses like URC Vietnam now not only solve the problem of loss and profit, but also have the problem of dedication to the sustainable development journey of the community, consumers and the business itself.”

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